Card #56 Weapon – Carbine w/grenade launcher

Title: Weapon – Carbine w/grenade launcher

Card Name: M4/M203

Rarity: Rare

Range: 5

Reload: 4

Aim: 5

Magazine max.: 30


Simple Shot: costs 5 movement/energy points

Semi-Automatic: costs 8 movement/energy points

Grenade Launcher: costs 6 movement/energy points.

He used his grenade launcher and the enemy dispersed, saving the lives of his brothers.”

Desert, Infantry

Card #32 Soldier – Desert Rifleman Infantry

This is the third draft of the Desert Rifleman Infantry. We made many changes to this card structure and graphic since our first draft. 

This card is part of the Shield51 Squads game set.


Title: Soldier – Desert Rifleman Infantry

Rank: Corporal

Rarity: Rare

Health: 20

Movement: 10

Aim: 5


+5 health, +4 movement, and +2 aim when fighting in desert environments.

Evasion 3 (Desert) – Evasion is disabled when you attack.

The desert infantry training is the most dangerous and 

exhausting training in the world, it prepares our troops for

the worst possible environment on Earth and beyond.

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