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Card #101 Soldier – Jungle Sniper SF

Title: Soldier – Jungle Sniper SF

Rank: Sergeant

Rarity: Rare

Health: 18

Movement: 12

Aim: 8


+10 health, +8 movement, and +2 aim (only active in jungle environments)

Evasion 3 (Jungle) – Evasion is disabled when you attack.

Use 8 movement points.

Activate Camouflage. This enables the evasion ability of this card and it adds 3 evasion tokens (remove tokens if evasion is disabled)

“There is nothing there! It is just the jungle and us.”

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Card #1 Alien – Greys Swarm

Title: Alien – Greys Swarm

Rank: Minion

Rarity: Common

Health: 6

Movement: 10

Aim: 0


When this card comes into play put three Grey Swarm tokens on the battlefield as if you were using three different copies of this card (with Health 6, Movement 10, and the same attributes as this card).

Swarm Attack (Melee 0) : When this alien attacks, it does 2 damage and it assigns a -1 movement effect token to the defending card.

“They move like if they were one and the same.”


Card #56 Weapon – Carbine w/grenade launcher

Title: Weapon – Carbine w/grenade launcher

Card Name: M4/M203

Rarity: Rare

Range: 5

Reload: 4

Aim: 5

Magazine max.: 30


Simple Shot: costs 5 movement/energy points

Semi-Automatic: costs 8 movement/energy points

Grenade Launcher: costs 6 movement/energy points.

He used his grenade launcher and the enemy dispersed, saving the lives of his brothers.”