Plasma Weapons

Plasma weapons are the real deal! These use plasma, or superheated ionized gas, as a projectile.

Plasma weapons work by generating a stream of plasma and firing it at a target. The plasma is often contained in a magnetic field, which helps to stabilize it and keep it from dissipating before it reaches its target. The plasma is also usually highly charged, which allows it to deliver a powerful electrical shock to its target.

They can also cause significant damage to electronic systems and other sensitive equipment.

It is important to note that plasma weapons do not currently exist in the real world. They are purely fictional, right?

The amount of damage they inflict has no rival. Common Shields and Armors are melted like butter.

The problem with Plasma weapons is that because of the extreme temperature generated by the plasma, it is impossible to fire multiple shots without risking total degradation of the weapon. So Once they shoot it takes some time to be ready to shoot again. The bigger the weapon the longer it takes to cool down.