About Us


Welcome to Shield 51

Shield51 2022 TCG is mainly a sci-fi TCG strategy game that can be played by one, two or even more players in the missions format. Different formats are being developed for different games experience.
The whole game is based on a draft story written by me over the years. Chapters are being written based on the original draft and concepts. We will be releasing Chapters as frequent as possible. We are going to create a Kickstarter project soon, as we would like to fully dedicate our days into releasing the book and the different games formats. So why the book, because we believe the first book and consequent books are going to be the best way to communicate the story of Shield 51.
The basic cards are the same for all formats, but for example “The Signal” and “Squads Battles” table top game formats include some extra cards, different elements and many different game mechanics that you all will enjoy.
The Online Game is a unique idea that merges multiple game formats. While strategy turn base is in the core of all our games, the final online version will include other game modalities. The Online Game presents two main options; Play for Fun and Play to Earn.