A signal crossing the entire galaxy arrives at Earth. Satellites, telescopes, and other artifacts around the world have been secretly listening to the vast cosmos, in order to detect a specific signal.  Read Chapter 1 here.
Richard Park, a distinguished Green Beret, enters the high-tech world of Shield 51, where advanced technologies and global cooperation form the backbone of Earth's defense against extraterrestrial threats. As the strategic and technological intricacies of the operation unfold, Richard is propelled into a critical role, marking the start of a perilous and secretive mission. Read Chapter 2 here.
"MEDUSA," reveals the hidden depths of the advanced data center MEDUSA, where Satoshi Nakamoto's genius converges with Dr. Raindi González's expertise in genetics, activating a global search for extraterrestrial activity. As MEDUSA operates at full capacity, its team navigates the deluge of data, ready to uncover and respond to hidden extraterrestrial influences on Earth.
"Special Forces - Squads Training," immerses readers in the intense and comprehensive training of Special Forces recruits under Major Alex "Rottweiler" Baptist and his team of experts. As the recruits endure physical, mental, and strategic challenges, culminating in the pivotal Robin Sage exercise, they evolve into elite operatives, ready to face the complexities of modern warfare.
"Prodigy's First Mission," recounts Prodigy's intense and revelatory first field assignment with Shield 51, marked by strategic challenges and a harrowing encounter with mutated aliens. The chapter highlights the evolving nature of extraterrestrial threats and the importance of technological advancements, like Dr. González's MediGuard, in safeguarding operatives during critical missions.
"Desert Storm," captures the intense strategizing within Shield 51's command center, where Generals Clark and Turner, alongside Major Baptist and Richard Park, coordinate a global response to the alien threat. The chapter highlights the specialized deployment of elite squads, setting the stage for a crucial operation against a formidable extraterrestrial adversary.